Help Amber Tree free the circus animals

July 08, 2016

Help Amber Tree free the circus animals

We're raising money to free circus animals.

Protecting animals from cruelty is something that's really important to all of us at Amber Tree. For every lucky elephant brooch we sell Amber Tree will donate $8 to Animals Australia.

We will add your order number to the comments on our Animals Australia fundraising page so your can see your contribution in action. You are welcome to make your own donation as well if you wish.

Why circus animals? Behind the excitement of the big top lies a sad existence for animals forced to perform in the circus. Animals, including elephants, are routinely subjected to months on the road, cruel training practices and confinement in small, barren enclosures. Some animals are even captured from the wild. Through lobbying and public awareness, Animals Australia is working to free these animals.

Besides contributing to a great cause these beautifully hand enamelled, lucky elephant brooches have real garnet eyes and shimmering natural marcasite highlights.

Elephants depicted with their trunk up are believed to bring good fortune.


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