15mm Round Cherry Sumatran Blue Amber Bracelet

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Beautiful Sumatran cherry amber bracelet with large 15mm beads. It exhibits blue fluorescence under UV light and is therefore classified as rare "blue" amber. It is threaded on elastic and will stretch to fit most wrist sizes.

ORIGIN: This stunning West Sumatran Blue Amber comes from the Bukit Barisan Mountain Range in Indonesia, within an area rich in coal deposits formed by an ancient forest of Hymenaea Protera trees (now extinct). Geologically, this deposit occurs in the Sinamar Formation, making this amber approximately 30 million years old!

Yes, this Sumatran Blue Amber is 100% natural and untreated. It has not been heated, clarified, pressed or dyed.

Amber is classified as "blue" if it shows a bluish glow in strong sunlight or under a UV lamp (known as fluorescence). Strong blue fluorescence is a valued and rare natural phenomenon in amber. This phenomenon has not been observed in amber from other localities, such as Baltic amber.

Blue amber is very rare. Until recently it had only been found in small deposits in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. New amber deposits found in West Sumatra have started producing high quality blue amber. Sumatran Blue Amber can only increase in rarity and value as the surface coal deposits from whence this amber is sourced are rapidly developed.


  • Material:¬†Natural Sumatran blue amber
  • Colour:¬†Cherry
  • Shape:¬†Round
  • Size:¬†15mm
  • Weight: 29.9 grams

Type: Bracelet

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